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“MY PLEASURE!“ There are a multitude of reasons why I say this to those who enjoy any of my filmings. Of course I am proud of my filmings, and the music is great, paraphrasing D. Boon “Punk Rock Saved My Life “. I am so grateful that artists allow me to capture their art, since 1984. Some say ‘Back in the Day’, but that could be sometime none of us were alive, so back In My Day leads to “My Pleasure“. It was The Leave’s doin’ Hey Joe at my high school gym, some Teenage Fairs at the Palladium and across the street Dave Hull’s Hullabaloo – Went ‘to a friend’s house’ in my Mom’s car to Hollywood, past the school buses used by the police for truants. The revolving stage, the Mandela’s, Paul Revere and the Raiders, etc. All I did was watching band after band play live. The 60’s continued with free in the park concerts with Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead, yes those days. Concerts at the Shrine Auditorium included all those visuals and great music, new bands and old, lots of blues, Ike and Tina Turner. Frank Zappa the GTO’s, Alice Cooper, and all the British bands. I loved watching loud live music. Including Jimi, the Who and all those. Those days led to crap rock almost till PUNK ROCK started, some say Blue Cheer or MC5 were the leaders. STOP. all that as a spectator, a fan wild and crazy, happy to listen and see. We had cable up here in Tujunga, no antenna signal, we got New Wave Theater, listened to Mott the Hoople.

My PLEASURE, seeing all this music live, and this Punk Scene, hard driving, loud, furious, just great! Met GEZA at the Starwood while the girls danced to Rodney. Saw all those bands, Sheriffs, so FUN. Started going to concerts like Godzilla’s, the Olympic, always hanging at Cathay de Grande Hollywood. Partied with Eldon El Duce of the Mentors. PUNK ROCK SAVED MY LIFE, I know this. One day I asked RICK, at the Cathay, the door guy if any band would want to be recorded on video, because I had recently got mine, he said ask this band’s manager, and the band say yes come to the Olympic! It was T.S.O.L., after that I started taping lots of bands, in those days I could show them the tape or some got copies.That was my main idea, film the band’s entire set for them to see. Of course, there was no social media to show anyone else, now I am able to show everyone the PUNK SCENE as I filmed it. I still film today. FINALLY I again say this is ALL MY PLEASURE, thank you to everyone in, as GERBER said, “ THE SCENE “. 

My first punk rock gig was Blue Cheer, February 2, 1968 at the L.A. Sports Arena. These days I still live in the Sunland-Tujunga area of Southern California. Since 1984, I have filmed lived bands. Check out all my live band footage and films:

  1. bryan meckelborg

    You were always a fixture of almost every punk show I worked at Goldenvoice. Always good to see you !

  2. Chris O'Connor

    Louis….video cam in hand…so much sharing it held…..

  3. M.J. Stevens

    I love seeing the Blue Cheer reference!

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