In the 6th grade my buddy had an older sister that was in the Hollywood KBD punk band, Deprogamer. She’d come around once in a while and give him (us) magazines. She turned us onto Rodney on the Roq (ROTR), a KROQ, 106.7, DJ that dedicated the weekend nights to his very perceptive & insightful taste of punk rock.

I feel it’s safe to say ROTR & Slash Magazine shaped the landscape of the SoCal punk scene.

Eventually I started buying records, then by highschool I picked-up a camera & the rest, as they say, is history.

I went to a lot of backyard parties initially but my first real Hollywood gig was No Trend at the Cathay De Grande, circa 1983.

I worked for Zed Records in Long Beach. I have worked on Second Thoughts, SFTG, fLIPSIDE fanzines. I have shot photos for various album covers. My photos and Hi8 video footage have been in a number of documentaries. I had plenty of punk rock penpals. 

I got the name KRK from the Ms. PacMan machine that was in the lobby of the Shamrock Club in Hollywood. Everyone from Dave MDC to Al Flipside would challenge each other onnit. I used to get my ass handed to me on that machine. Then finally one night I got high score! When inputting my name, I was limited to just three letters; thus my name went from Kirk to KRK.

These days I work in the healthcare industry. I manage a recovery home. Proud father of two young men. I currently live in East LA w/ my two kittens, (Care de) Huarache & Figaro.

My Instagram handle is @krk_dominguez

The last thing I want people to know? Never Trust a Hippie

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  1. Jay Falconer

    Krk, you are the man, the myth, the monster…! Keep on shooting and hustling….

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