Gene Mullett

I was all-metal all-the-time in high school & then I got to Ohio University in the fall of 1985.  A friend’s dorm where I used to hang had some guys living on his floor that played Black Flag’s Damaged, the 1st Tendencies album, & The Dead Milkmen’s Big Lizard In My Backyard a lot.  I bought metal magazines from time to time looking for new bands, so that switched to Flipsides & Maximum Rock n Rolls.  I bought a lot of comps as a way to hear a lot of bands without buying a bunch of records such as The Blasting Concept & Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death.  Not much to say after that.  I loved a lot of that stuff & was hooked.  Immersing myself further in it was a blast.  Oddly enough, I had the Ramones first album in high school, but never really regarded them as punk even though they were the hallmarks of it.  They dressed like I kinda wanted to dress as a kid & didn’t have Sex Pistols haircuts or safety pins stuck anyplace soft enough to take one.

I used to run Mind of a Child Records.  Hardly a punk label.

Today I live in Columbus, OH and am married. I don’t think I have any kids, but I wave at every school bus just in case. I work as a telecommunications tech.  I work on cell sites.

I used to correspond a lot back in the 80s when snail mail ruled the earth.

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