My story began when I came back from living on Oahu the summer of 1979. On the North Shore where I had lived since 1976, I was sheltered from all the music that was happening on the mainland, more specifically punk rock. We came back every summer and always tapped into what we were missing – Iggy, Ramones, Talking Heads,  Devo, Clash. So I was aware but not so much so that I knew a burgeoning scene was emerging. Once I was landed and planted  back where I grew up in Manhattan Beach/Hermosa beach, my mom found a wonderful little beach house just steps from the surf. It was perfect as that’s what I loved to do most: surfing and skateboarding. It was in my blood so to speak, but that is another story.

That Summer I entered my first surf contest. An old friend suggested I just “go for it”. He was already an accomplished contestant, a “ripper” as we called em’. So we drove down to Cardiff Reef in San Diego County and I got off to a good start. He got knocked out early but I advanced in my heat as well as the next one. Jeff did not expect that so he was not too excited to hang out and made me an offer. He said “Bail the contest and I’ll get you a new board from my sponsor.”. So we drove to Costa Mesa and were delighted to pull a new McCoy Surfboard off the rack – a pretty good deal I reckoned! 

That was cool but the thing that was special and why I brought up the story was when he asked what I wanted to listen to. He had a wicked sound system in his surfed out VW Bus. I suggested Aerosmith. He laughed and said “This ain’t the North Shore. How bout some Devo?” Uh,ok. I had heard just a song here and there but was not prepared for the onslaught of Are We Not Men? in it’s glorious entirety. After hearing the song Gut Feeling I was completely sold on the band. We are Devo! D-E-V-O!!!

That year getting back into the groove with old friends and tons of new music that I was completely unaware of led me to a place that remains in my heart to this day. PUNK ROCK!

One band that happened to practice down the street from where I lived was the notorious Black Flag. Darby was dead and hardcore was born. Lucky Me!

Some more info about me – My first gig was Suburban Lawns and Middle Class at the Starwood. A mind blower!

I have worked for Restless Records around the corner from the Cathay de Grande. I was a slave who was a victim of being led on with people who were stealing my credit.

I was a record store fanatic….Zed, Vinyl Fetish, Moby, Recycled, Go Boy, Licorice Pizza, and Tower. 

I have had some editorials printed in a few zines. I was a huge collector of zines and flyers, etc. Many bits of my original collection have been printed in various publications.

I produced a show at the Roxy with the Weirdos. Sold out of course…I conceived  the Idea and along with massive help from a friend we found someone to finance our dream show! A great story unto itself…

I have handed out flyers for Wasted Youth. Ha!

I have been a punk rock extra through Cash Castings. “Chips” was The best!  Hardbodies the

I had punk rock penpals through Flipside mainly. I had some cool pen pals. I would write bands like Minor Threat, Misfits, Necros, and Negative Approach. They sent me cool notes and stickers lol.

I was one of the last ones to crop my hair and took shit from my brother and sister punk rockers. 

I was a Gooch and Whole Foods slave for many years and a paid journeyman when I first started at Ralph’s Market. I later formed my residential window cleaning service over 20 years ago. I am still on the ladder to this day. I have been married for about 27 years. I reside in Encino, CA – a town that kept pulling me back since 1983. Hermosa, Encino back and forth. We bought a home and settled in Encino.

Live Fast Die Old!

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