Jay Heycock

I grew up an alien in a small suburban PA town. Never fit in with the locals & always felt like something was missing. Then I discovered the Clash & Dead Kennedys. It was what I was waiting for. The fury, the anger, the alienation, and the need to get out and fucking change it hit me like an electric surge. I was hooked. This music became and still is, my life. It defines me. Moments in my life, friends, relationships. It’s all somehow tied to this music. For a few years as a teen, I was your typical hard-core Joe meathead of the early 80s. Just going to shows to slam, get wasted, fight, pick up girls, etc… As time went on, I started paying more attention to the lyrics & learned to direct my anger towards better targets. I’m 55 now & I still go to gigs. I can imagine that’ll continue as long as I’m able.

My first punk show was Husker Du and Government Issue in 1983. I was interviewed for the 2014 movie Pennsylvania Hardcore. These days I work in the gig economy. I live with my partner in Waltham, MA. 

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  1. Chris O'Connor

    Ahh younger than myself…but Husker Du and G.I. was a great start!

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